Required Actions/Forms

US Lacrosse/WCLA and MWLL Required Actions and Forms, Step by Step

EVERYTHING you need to know and access to complete the WCLA required forms, actions, applications, etc are on the WCLA site! This link will take you to the membership page of the site where you can step by step get your club and player/coach information submitted so that you are in compliance and eligible for league play and consideration for the WCLA Championship.
WCLA Website Membership Page


MWLL/WCLA 2024 Invoice and MWLL W9 form

Link to download copy of WCLA/MWLL Invoice
REQUIRED  – Payment must be received in league office before November 18th

Link to view/print the MWLL Signed W9 Form
OPTIONAL – W9 form for school administrations files if needed to pay invoice



Download a “how to” enter game schedules into the WCLA website

Open WCLA “How To” Enter Game Scores/Stats on WCLA team page

Download MWLL “How To” perform one-time upload excel file of roster to WCLA team page